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This is a blog about my father, William Foster Gillian and the legends he created during his life. We, the children have such great memories of an amazing life, because of him and my mother, Virginia Rose Gruszka Gillian. I want to tell of the stories and folktales of my family, for we have no next generation. I hope I can do justice to my father, for he was an amazing story teller. Thank you for your precious time spent reading this blog!

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Beginning

This month is the second anniversy of my father's passing. He was a great man, literally a legend in his own time, AND in the minds of his childern. Through this blog, I want to share, with anyone interested, the fables and folklore of my family, for we are the last generation of Gillians. It is sad to think about all of the stories and memories to be lost. It makes me think of that Star Trek movie, where they want Spock's memory from McCoy, to put into storage, for future generations to draw from.

I am new to all this, so please bear with me, as I go along. My Father was born Willam Foster Gillian, in Hammond, Indiana. He grew up in the 1930"s in Northwest Indiana. He was born to Nora Edith and Byron Jacob Gillian. He had one sibling, Myrna Jean Gillian, his older sister. My father was a storyteller beyond compare, and I hope to do him some justice in this blog. I guess I will start with one of the ealiest stories I love to tell about father.

Wm (William) turned 17 years old, and was eager to join the war effort against the evil Axis. So he dropped out of school, and lied about his age, as so many other young men did at the time. He chose the Marines, HO HAA! He trained at Paris Island, and was a specialist in weaponary and hand-to-hand combat. He told me he was taught hundreds of ways to kill a man. Well, one day he was sent to the base hospital on an errand. There on duty was a doctor, who's personal mission was to send back home as many young men as he could, for he had seen the horrors of war. Young men saw war as an adventure, a romantic mission to save the world. Upon seeing my father, he smiled and had him put in quarantine immediately, with the tentative diagnosis of tertiary syphyllis!?! My father was dismayed by this all, especially since he was a virgin, but was not going to state the fact. My father was plagued, since childhood with psoriasis(scaly skin condition), and that is what caught the doctor's eye. Three days later, he was medically discharged from the Marines, not fit for tropical combat due to the psoriasis. His plattoon went on to combat, and in their first mission, lost 90% of their men. I truly believe that doctor saved my father's life. In saving his life, I am here now typing this. I have always wished to know the doctor's name, so I could have thank him.

Well, that is the first of the father legends. I thank you for spending your precious time reading this blog.


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